Temporal Computing – A New Form of Computation

Unconventional Arithmetic: A System for Computation using Action Potentials.


  • Jonathan Edwards
  • Dr Simon O'Keefe
  • Dr William Henderson

13th International Conference on Unconventional Computation and Natural Computation, London, Ontario, Canada, 14-18 July 2014, pp. 155-163


This paper examines a scheme to perform arithmetic and logic computation using time delays inspired by neuronal Action Potentials. The method is reliant on a simple abstraction which utilises very little logical infrastructure, in fact, the only requirements necessary to carry out computation are a binary channel, a clock, and a rudimentary instruction look-up table. The conclusions are that the method is viable for all forms of arithmetic and logical computation including comparison, however one practical aspect that hinders a full move to a time delay based architecture is the inability to perform random memory access without waiting for the data to recirculate.

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